Body Language: Flirting

When people are flirting with one another, they apply a complex behavioural pattern. This is so they demonstrate their attraction to another person and get this person interested in them. Therefore, it is not just words that we need when we are flirting. There is a great deal of body language flirting behaviour requires; the experts in this field say that our body language represents half, or even more, of our intentions. It often seems as if our entire bodies signal our intentions to the guy or girl we find attractive.

Our body language consists of our mimics, gestures, posture and even our body distance with others. In different situations, all these elements change either partly or completely. Below are some of the examples of non-verbal signals that suggests we tend to apply when we flirt.


Maintaining eye contact is evidence of our interest in someone else, which is especially important in flirtation. For example, when we look directly in the eye of our object of desire and then lower our eyes softly, as if blushing, this communicates our attraction to him or her. We can also look directly in the eye of a person with a smile or a somewhat challenging look: this is an example of more direct flirtation, which demonstrates our control over the situation.


Our face is like an open book when we communicate with someone face to face. Our blushing cheeks and shining eyes can easily reveal our expectations. We may jokingly raise one eyebrow in a teasing manner or smile suggestively with a hint of seduction when we are pretty confident in our success; we may smile gently when we want to charm someone. Our slightly open mouth or the frequent licking of our lips can disclose our desire for another person. Every muscle of our face can say something without words; just pay attention!


Basically, when we are flirting, the first thing we tend to do is to decrease the distance between our object of desire and ourselves, which suggests more intimacy. Moreover, we not just sit closer, but we also mimic another person, so that we can be closer emotionally as well. Also worth mentioning is the fact that our gestures usually become softer, which will remind us of caresses; this often includes touching our face or neck, or brushing our hair. 

While we use flirty phrases and apply a certain tome of voice, we also use a wide set of non-verbal signals when we flirt with someone special. We maintain eye contact, get closer to a person, mimic his or her posture and gestures, smile and make gentle touches during our communication. All these signals are non-verbal signals that another person receives from us in order to respond with affection afterwards. You should pay attention to these signals, and you will know who is interested in you, and just how interested they are!