Flirting Tips for Guys

Your success with women mainly depends on your skills of being a seducer. Some people are innate flirts, but others need to learn this art from scratch. You can relax if you are not the first type of person but, for others, it is comforting to know that the majority of guys have their moments of trial and error and learn the skills of flirting over a long period of time. So, if you are pondering the best way to become a real womanizer, you should start with mastering your flirting abilities. Below are the flirting tips for guys suggested by daters from, which you can find useful:

Your confidence is the key.

Women are attracted to confidence. They like guys who know what they want and how to get it. You should bear in mind that what you are looking for is to impress a certain lady. So take the initiative and go ahead to win the heart and body of a girl who attracts you!

Be suggestive rather than direct.

Remember the following information: you should demonstrate your intentions when you flirt, but you should never speak about them directly! This is what the act of flirting is for: hints and double entendres are allowed, but no direct declaration of your desire should be made. You should use your voice and body to emanate your sexual vibes and show the woman that she interests you a great deal. A deep masculine voice with a slight touch of mystery is what will turn every woman’s ears, and turn them on too! If you add non-verbal signals, such as direct eye contact, a suggestive smile or accidental touches, this will surely do the trick!

Women love attention.

You should remember that every woman likes to be the centre of attention, at least of a man she is talking to. You need to be aware of this when you want to impress her with your manners: refilling her glass, offering her a coat or remembering the name of her favourite band are all useful tips for things to put into use. You may even try making her feel like she is the seducer here, for example by telling her what her movements or mimics signify.

Relax: flirting is a game.

Flirting is an entertainment, which is why you should be relaxed and take it easy when you do it. Whatever your further intentions are, you should be able to enjoy a playful interaction with a lady at the moment you meet her. Starting now, get armed, set your persona to ‘flirty and playful’ and prepare for victory in the battlefield of love!