Being Married and Flirting: Why Not Both!

The first thing that is associated with marriage are commitment, a serious issue indeed. A flirt is certainly not something that comes to mind when we consider marriage; many people believe that, once a couple know each other so well, there is no need for such playful relationships. Another preconception is that after children come along, there will not be any time for such stupid little things as flirting. Nevertheless, there always was, is and will be a place for flirting in any marriage.

Below, there are some thoughts on flirting within a marriage and outside it. You will see that flirting and marriage can coexist and even complement one another.

Flirting with Each Other

Because any marriage is, first of all, a relationship there should be something that will help refresh it from time to time. We suggest that this component should be flirtation, which, just as in alchemy, will be able to “turn metal to gold”. The latter is nothing but a bit of playfulness, a little seduction and a dose of mystery.

Flirting is a form of non-verbal communication, which means that the two flirts should be most attentive and involved, in order to interact in this way best with one another. Besides, flirting always suggests seduction: it is something that we should do to demonstrate our attractiveness to the other person or to see our own attraction through the eyes of a significant other. Flirting helps a married couple stay in shape and youthful, and to be interested in each other constantly.

Flirting comes in many different forms and guises. It can be an occasional word, or just one suggestive look, that invites a partner into a love game; further, it could be a dance or a mini-performance aimed at seducing one’s significant other! The two of you can experiment each time and explore a fascinating world of flirting together; give it a chance and enjoy some ultimate fun!

Flirting with Other People

There are couples, in which one partner (or even both) cannot imagine their lives without some flirting in it. Such a playful mood predominates the lives of these men and women; for them, it is a way of communication. It is really good if both spouses have this habit of teasing other people; however, this may cause some problems if only one possesses this personal trait, since the “other half” might be jealous or even vindictive.

It is important to let the other person do some flirting once in a while. It might be that he or she will then feel more attractive to other people, and will therefore be more confident and more appealing in real life. Fortunately, safe flirting is available at dating websites. Indeed, online dating is a form of interaction that may or may not evolve into something real; often, people are satisfied with what they have in online settings.

By registering, say, at, you will not destroy your marriage, but rather you shall expand your social network and increase the number of people with whom you will be able to have a chat. You can also find men and women there who will understand your “flirtless” situation (if you have one) and share some personal experiences with you. Of course, everything is perfect for flirting here!

Being married and flirting can, and should, coexist in a strong relationship between people united by shared feelings, interests and experiences. Flirting either with each other or with different people will help each and every person stay in shape, have fun and be happy in a marriage! So be lively: flirt more!