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Top Tips For Dating In A Small Town

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Dating in a small town can be difficult. It can be hard to find the one without potential prior misconceptions you can have. Here are some top tips. (more…)

Great Things to Talk about on a First Date

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What to talk about on a date, that is the question. The answer is that it will vary - with each person you have a unique connection and what you talk about will depend on that. However, there are definitively ...Read More

The Eternal Question: What Do German Men Like?

What Do German Men Like 0 Likes
German men have a bad reputation for being cold and insensitive. There are many who are exceptions and are overly sensitive, even doubting a woman who is interested in them. It’s important to pay attention to cues as you approach ...Read More

How to Break Up with Someone Without Being Mean

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Breaking up with someone is never easy. There are, however, reasons to break up with someone. If you know a relationship will, ultimately, not make you, or your partner, happy, then it’s time to break-up. If you keep going it’s ...Read More

The Gender-Flipped Dating Game: Dating Scandinavian Men

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If you are interested in dating Scandinavian men get ready to flip the gender script. Women are expected to make the moves in the frozen North. You may be a shy girl in your native land but here you’ll have ...Read More

Steps to Getting a Girlfriend

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Do you need some help with how to get a girlfriend? Then you’ve come to the right place! (more…)