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Dating Tips For Gay Men That Can Be Used By Everyone

dating tips for gay
For the most part, a gay man is exactly like the rest of the singles who are out there in the dating field. These men are trying to find love, acceptance, affection, and attention. They want connection, commitment, and companionship ...Read More

Are Nice Guys a Turn off to Women?

do girls like nice guys
That old phrase “I’m a sucker for a bad boy” is muttered by women all over the world. This statement is usually spoken when a woman is talking about what many would refer to as the ideal man, someone who ...Read More

Dating Expectations Differences Between Type A and Type B Personalities

Differences Between Type A and Type B Personalities
If you follow the theories behind Type A people and Type B people, then you might want to read this so you know what you’re getting into when dating either. Here is a generalized breakdown of each personality type and ...Read More

How to Flirt With Your Best Friend

How to Flirt With Your Best Friend
There are some people in the world who manage to be naturally flirty with just about anyone, with very little effort, and many of us find that an enviable personality trait. Flirting with your best friend can be harmless fun ...Read More

5 Dating Tips That Will Dramatically Change Your Love Life

dating tips to change your life
We’ve all been there a time or two before. You know, getting fed up with the dating scene because out of all the dinners, drinks, and coffees, no one seems to have made much of an impression on you. At ...Read More

3 Common Bisexual Myths

Bisexual Myths
As you will no doubt already be aware, bisexuality is when someone is attracted to both men and women. For many people who are attracted to only one sex, they find this strange and unnatural. However, bisexuality is completely natural. ...Read More