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Subtle Flirting: Tips and Hints for Men and Women

Subtle Flirting tips and hints for men and women

Subtle Flirting For Girls: Every Medal Has Two Sides

Well, it is often said that all women are born with the ability to flirt without effort. They say flirty genes must have been hidden deep in their DNA. That is why all a typical girl has to do to draw a typical guy’s attention is to glance at him, or smile with that disarming smile of hers. No, no, even a wink is more than enough – it’s an evident sign that you find him handsome enough to start dating right off the bat!

Now, let’s be serious. Yes, often there is no need for women to invent intricate flirtation techniques to attract men. But the other side of the coin here is that, unfortunately, lots of men tend to take many innocent gestures and words of girls for flirting. If you think that’s too embarrassing, ignore any attempts by a guy to contact you. To avoid unwanted further development of your conversation, whenever a clingy guy thinks you are flirting with him, just keep a polite distance and do not respond to his words emotionally. That will clearly indicate you are not interested in him.

And if you think you have problems with flirting, turn it to your advantage that any guy awaits a sign of affection from you first. There is no need to invent anything to keep flirting then. Just be feminine, give easy smiles, don’t forget about keeping eye contact and let everything happen in a natural way.

Subtle Flirting For Guys: Hard to Master, Easy to Enjoy!

There are certain skills you need to practice and improve on a regular basis if you want to use subtle flirting as your main method. However, there’s nothing difficult about it. Remember a few simple rules, and step by step you will master the art of subtle flirting.

Getting ready is key. Before you decide to flirt with a girl, make sure that not only are you ready, but that she is also in the right mood to return your flirting. For that purpose, learn to read her subtle body language and facial gestures. If you notice her being irritated by anything, or you see there is no established eye contact between you, better to not start flirting.

Avoid starting a conversation using cheesy pick-up lines which you might have read online. Not every girl likes to hear that, so if you are unsure about a joke, don’t use it. Don’t forget that there are already enough common topics to be used while flirting. Many good old phrases do actually work in a conversation, too. Why invent something new when there are undying classic lines such as: “Come here often?” or “Can I order you a drink?”

Since manners make a man, being a gentleman in all situations is a proven winning strategy. Help her to put on her coat, open the door before her, and stay on hand – these are minor subtle actions which show that you are a reliable person and can be more than just another smiling guy, who only seems smart.


Author: Sandra Baker

Sandra Baker – relationships writer, reader, and cookie lover. She is into everything related to love, beauty and health. Music Enthusiast. Book Worm.

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