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What Kind of Partner Should You Really Be Dating? [QUIZ]

what kind of dating partner do you need

A lot of people say that opposites attract when it comes to dating, but we don’t necessarily agree with that. You have to have some kind of mutual foundation to which you can build and grow a healthy and thriving relationship. Unfortunately, many people still adhere to that opposites attract mentality and they find themselves in horrible relationships that leave them feeling heartbroken and distrustful of the whole dating process.

You can, however, change all that when you know what kind of person you should be dating. Instead of going for just anyone that comes your way, think about what is important to you and look for a person that has those qualities and compliments you.

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What Kind of a Person Should You Be Dating?

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When it comes to dating, we find that there are three basic types of people:

Active and/or Outdoorsy – These people like to go out and do things. They aren’t content having movie nights at home too often and they always have a busy schedule.

Independent Go-Getters – These people know what they want out of life and they have plans to get there. Some feel they are married to their career, but they need love too!

Low Maintenance – These people are chill. They go with the flow and they enjoy quality time with their loved ones, whether you’re on vacation or they are relaxing at home and playing video games.

How to Find the Person You Should be Dating

When you know what type of person you should be dating, of course you’re going to want to go out and meet these people! Here are a few places where you can meet the Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Active and/or Outdoorsy

For you, meeting people is going to be the easiest. You’re always somewhere where there are a lot of people, be it at the gym, the night club, hiking, or… Wherever! Some of the best places to meet people are right there doing the exact same things that you like to do. So, when you’re out for a jog or checking out the latest gallery opening, introduce yourself to someone and see where it takes you!

Independent Go-Getters

We get it, you’ve got a 10 year plan and you’re on a fast track to becoming some big shot at your business. However, you need to set some time aside to find love, because even the most successful people need a little bit of love and support. For you, the best place to meet people is at conventions, company picnics, holiday parties, and even networking with other professionals. Just remember that once you do connect with someone, you have to make time for them!

Low Maintenance Folk

Finding a partner for you can be quite easy, but you may discover it to be a little challenging because you are so laid back. When you want to meet someone, you have to go out there and do it. You don’t have to go clubs and bars – you can just go to the park or even the grocery store. The key with meeting people for you is to be assertive. If you like someone, approach them and introduce yourself. Never leave things up in the air. If you hit it off with someone you just so happen to meet at the grocery store, ask if they’d like to grab a cup of coffee. You may be low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you can just rest on your laurels and let people come to you.

Of course, when all else fails, you can just try your hand at online dating to meet people and find a real love!

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Author: Sandra Baker

Sandra Baker – relationships writer, reader, and cookie lover. She is into everything related to love, beauty and health. Music Enthusiast. Book Worm.