3 Huge Indicators That He Isn’t Faithful to You or Anyone Else

Indicators That He Isn’t Faithful
Let’s face it, people cheat. Well, not everyone, but there are a lot that does. According to recent studies, more than half the population are going to cheat at one point or another. We don’t intend to tell you these ...Read More

4 Ways to Make Him Yearn for You 24/7

Ways to Make Him Yearn for You
It’s understandable that you want your man love, respect, and treat you better than you’ve ever been treated before. With that said, sometimes all we really want is to know that our guy still has the hots for us. You ...Read More

The Types Of Women Men Like the Most

what type of women men like
We all have our own idea of the types of women men like the most. We often think that the sexiest type of woman in a man’s eyes is someone with really long legs, great breasts and glossy hair - ...Read More

Online Dating: First Message Demystified

online dating first messages
So you’ve decided that you’re ready to give online dating a try and you’re at that point where you’re familiar with the platform, and you want to send a message to some people. You may have even tried messaging some ...Read More

Look What Happens When You Ignore Your Deal Breakers!

What Happens When You Ignore Your Deal Breakers
We like to think that we know what we want. Most of the time we are wrong. Oh man, are we wrong. When we are young, we think we know exactly what we want in a relationship. We have that ...Read More

10 Incredibly Romantic Things to Do In NYC

romantic things new york
New York City is a bustling city, there’s no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything romantic to do here! In fact, there is a bunch of things for couples to do in NYC. ...Read More