20 Things That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

things to make your relationship stronger
What is the basis of a strong and successful relationship? Financial stability? Friendship? Communication? Laughter? These are all things that seem important to a relationship, but if you really want to have a stable and a healthy relationship, you should ...Read More

Tried and True Bits of Flirting Advice for Women That Works

flirting advice for women
We’ve all been there before. We went through a rough breakup and now we feel like we are ready to get out there and start dating again. However, when you try to flirt with someone you’re attracted to, your attempts ...Read More

Dating Tips For Gay Men That Can Be Used By Everyone

dating tips for gay
For the most part, a gay man is exactly like the rest of the singles who are out there in the dating field. These men are trying to find love, acceptance, affection, and attention. They want connection, commitment, and companionship ...Read More

Dating Expectations Differences Between Type A and Type B Personalities

Differences Between Type A and Type B Personalities
If you follow the theories behind Type A people and Type B people, then you might want to read this so you know what you’re getting into when dating either. Here is a generalized breakdown of each personality type and ...Read More

5 Dating Tips That Will Dramatically Change Your Love Life

dating tips to change your life
We’ve all been there a time or two before. You know, getting fed up with the dating scene because out of all the dinners, drinks, and coffees, no one seems to have made much of an impression on you. At ...Read More

Study Suggests That If You’re Short, Your Relationship Will Be Great and You’ll Have Lots of Kids

short women have more kids
Look, we all know that being short can be a bit of a downer. People are more likely to think you’re incapable of doing certain things simply because you are short in stature. Be that as it may, being short ...Read More