Signs you’re in Rebound Relationship and How to End it

Signs you’re in Rebound Relationship
Rebound relationships can be one of the most painful, and are often the most tempting. You have someone who is hurting and desperate for attention – ready and willing to shower affection on you for the privilege of calling you ...Read More

The Best Ways to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

How to get your ex-girlfriend back
You have spent time apart, you enjoyed it at first, had your fun, dated a few other girls but you kept coming back around to thoughts about your ex. In fact, she is all you can think about and now ...Read More

Heartbreak and How to Deal With the Physical Symptoms

Physical Symptoms of Heartbreak
It might sound absolutely bonkers to suggest that heartbreak is anything more than an emotional state, but it’s actually come to be accepted that heartbreak can also have physical symptoms which are a knock-on effect of the stress. Losing a ...Read More

Is It True That Love Lives Three Years?

love lasts three years
They say that love lasts a lifetime. If it’s real, it never really fades. Science says otherwise. The book Love Lasts Three Years by Frederic Beigbeder says – like its title suggests – that love can have its extreme highs, ...Read More

Why Do Men Play Games?

why do men play games
One of the main complaints that we hear from women who’ve been in the dating game for a while is that too many men play games. Rather than doing the whole “meeting someone, dating someone, becoming their boyfriend” thing, lots ...Read More

Zodiac Dating – Use The Stars to Make Your Date a Success!

zodiac signs compability
People have been taking notice of the stars more thousands of years and many believe that the positioning of the stars at your time of birth can have a huge impact on your personality. Horoscopes are hugely popular nowadays and ...Read More