How to Date a Woman Who is More Attractive than You

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When it comes to dating, the phrase “out of your league” is like a kiss of death and can make even the most confident person rethink their decision in regard to approaching a woman who you think you should never ...Read More

Active Dates All Fit Women Should Try

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If you are a fitness oriented person, you’re probably going to want someone who is equally as passionate about their health as you are. (more…)

Foolproof ways To Ask a Man Out on a Date that He’ll Not Want to Turn Down

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Ditch the flowers and cards, if you want to ask a guy out, use these creative tactics to make him say yes. (more…)

7 Ways to Make a Man Laugh Without Having to Dumb Down

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Dumbing down is a mistake many women make because they are under the impression that this is the only way men will find them attractive. (more…)

6 Flirtatious Moves That Men Actually Hate

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While these techniques may work plebeians who only pay attention to their base needs, the men that you really want to appeal to have much more depth. (more…)

A Daily Checklist to Keep You Feeling Confident

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For some people, confidence comes naturally; however, for many people it takes a bit of work. We’ve created a checklist of things you can do every day to help build confidence. (more…)