8 Lesbian Flirting Tips to Make Her Swoon

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Lesbian flirting can be hard to learn, but we’ve got some tips to help you make the lady you have your eyes on swoon. (more…)

Discover the Right Way to Flirt With an Older Woman

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A lot of younger men think that they are at a disadvantage when they find an older woman attractive because they often believe that these ladies really want to date someone with their own age. (more…)

Is a Woman With a Boyfriend Flirting With You?

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Any man has common sense that it is never a good idea to be involved in a love triangle. However, what do you do when a woman gives you attention and you like her, but you discover later on that ...Read More

Make Her Swoon By Flirting in French

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Flirting in France isn’t like flirting anywhere else in the world because there doesn’t always have to be an end game — sometimes flirting is the end game. (more…)

How to Effectively Impress a Woman in 7 Seconds

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The hours leading up to that pivotal first date, it’s not uncommon to be overcome with nerves. (more…)

Subtle Flirting: Tips and Hints for Men and Women

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Subtle Flirting For Girls: Every Medal Has Two Sides Well, it is often said that all women are born with the ability to flirt without effort. They say flirty genes must have been hidden deep in their DNA. That is ...Read More