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tillyintulsa from Irvine

Hey, @tillyintulsa here - I’m a Texas girl new to the area, where are you from and what brought you here?

angela89  from Irvine

Hey handsome - sorry always been a ballsy woman! Love your profile - welcome to *kiss* - @angela89

melissalinda from Irvine

Are you here looking for local Tulsa gals like me? You’re cute! Welcome, join us in the chat room? - @melissalinda

notadamselindistress  from Irvine

Hey stranger - welcome! Nice to e-meet you! Let me know if you need a local lady to show y’ around - @notadamselindistress

justjake from Irvine

Welcome girl! I am new here too - single guy looking for something *more* from dating - what brings you here? - @justjake

gabetulsa  from Irvine

Hate to be *that guy* but your profile is the breath of fresh air i’ve been waiting for! - @gabetulsa

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