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Why the Bar Scene Loses Out to Chat Rooms in Belfast

Belfast is a big city so there's no lack of neither bars, nor singles. However, there's still the randomness of dating: you have to be at the right place at the right time to meet the right singles. Online you can meet all singles, all the time. Whilst you can only chat directly to those that are online at the same time you are, you can send messages to anyone. It removes a bit of the serendipity of single life. It also makes it easier to meet singles on days when you're simply too lazy or busy to head to a bar, pub, or other social gatherings. Approaching someone online in a chat room, or by sending a message, is also a lot easier as you know they are single and wanting to flirt. Plus, if they aren't interested there won't be any awkwardness - they simply won't reply. This ease of meeting others is what's made online dating so popular. Gone are the days when only cyber geeks used chat rooms to meet others. The rest of the world caught onto how convenient it is pretty quickly! Today close to 100 million people are using online dating sites. And why shouldn't they?! It is the most convenient way of meeting singles.

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Tips for Chatting to Singles in Belfast

If you send someone a PM on an online dating site, then it's always advisable to mention something you liked about their profile and ask a question around it. That's a great way to start a conversation. If you send a chat message on the other hand, something like "Your profile caught my eye, care to chat so I get to find out a bit more about you? ;)" works a charm. From there you can mention things you enjoyed about their profile and ask questions around it, flirt, play and share stories.
Think of chatting as having a conversation at a party: you want to get to know someone well enough to know if it's worth swapping numbers. Once you think you know, you ask if they would like to meet for a coffee, or drink in Belfast. Something simple where there's no pressure. Sitting through a dinner with someone whom you might not have offline chemistry with is not recommended. Short and sweet is much better. And two dates is usually required to find out if there's real chemistry as you're normally too blinded by nervosity and adjusting to their real life selves on the first date to know if there really is chemistry.
Have fun. Chat. Flirt. Get some dates!