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If you fancy meeting a lot of singles in one go, then online dating and chatting is the solution. Gone are the days when you had to count on meeting singles in bars and pubs, or through friends. Today you can join sites like and search for available singles in Bolton and surrounding areas.
Online you won't just find a handful of singles, but thousands. In fact, around 100 million people use online dating sites these days. That's no small number. Suddenly you don't have to be at a certain place at a certain time for that one chance of meeting someone. If everyone goes online, you can meet everyone in one place at any time as long as they're single.
Chatting to people online is also a lot easier sometimes compared to seeing someone in real life whom you'd like to connect with. It can be a bit hard to catch that one person in the other end of the concert hall for example!
If you want to meet a lot of singles and want the ease of connecting with someone simply by sending them a message, then online dating is the solution.

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Approaching Someone in a Chat Room in Bolton

Approaching someone in a chat room isn't all that different from real life Bolton - it takes tact, charm, politeness and a sense of humor. You need to present yourself in a good light; talk about problems as challenges, failure as adventure, state things in the positive as in what you'd like instead of what you wouldn't like and so forth.
It can be easier approaching someone in a chat room though. There are no drunk people around, you don't have to catch someone's attention in a crowded room with loud music and you know they are online because they're single and wanting to flirt.
A simple message saying you saw their profile, liked it and would love to chat with them, wink-wink, works well. If they are offline, send a private message telling them about what caught your eye in their profile, ask them a question or two about it and tell them you'd love to her from them.
After chatting to someone for a little while, ask to take the conversation offline. Tell them you want to find out if you have real life chemistry and ask for their number, or to meet for a quick coffee or drink. It's better to meet sooner rather than later. And it's more fun!