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We all have that one friend who pressures us to go out for a night of flirting with locals when all you really want to do is hang out at home and see what's happening in the chat rooms in Campbeltown. We can't say that we blame you. Who really wants to brave the crowds on a Friday evening, pay for watered down drinks, and go home feeling like you've wasted an evening because everyone you tried to talk to shot you down before you could even say hello? Your friends mean well, but they are completely clueless when it comes to how beneficial chat rooms can be when trying to flirt with naughty singles. If you're trying to get them on the chat train, you could mention the fact that you have the potential to meet more singles in one evening in a chat room compared to a night out on the town. You could also mention that you don't even have to worry about donning your best outfit and making sure you have enough money in your wallet because chatting online is absolutely free. If that doesn't convince them to join you, then they're the ones missing out!

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