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Chances are that you meet a lot of the same people time and time again at your local pub, though there will probably still be a lot more new faces in your local pub than what you see through your social circle. Truth be told the happy single life isn't always that fantastic unless you meet a lot of other singles. Sometimes that's easy if you move in large social circles and your job brings you a lot of new people all the time. It's a bit harder if you work from home or in a small office and your social circle doesn't constantly put you in touch with new people.
The best way to meet singles these days is to get online. Here you can meet thousands of singles on one dating site; searching for available singles near you. There is none of the awkwardness of trying to figure out if someone is single and wanting to flirt or not - people sign up to dating sites because they want to meet other singles.
Dating sites offer chat rooms which are convenient for more real life type conversations, which is great for checking if there's chemistry. If there are sparks online, you can meet up. No more need to go to social events you don't want to - now you have thousands of singles at your doorstep.

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Online Chats v.s. Real Life Meetings in Glasgow

There's nothing that can compare to a real life meeting; we're the first to admit to that. Online dating and chatting to people online opens up the door for connecting with more singles. The whole point of it is to connect with as many interesting people as possible and where sparks fly meet up as soon as possible.
You might think you know someone after having a chat with them in real life for five minutes, but chances are that your view of them will change drastically within a month or two if you really get to know them. Likewise, if you talk to someone in a chat room, you will get to know their view on themselves and life and how good they are at flirting when writing, but you don't know what their laughter sounds like, what they smell like, how they react to different situations in life and so on.
Getting to know someone takes time. We always recommend a minimum of two dates in Glasgow before you make up your mind about someone for that reason - you'll be surprised at how different you view someone the second time you meet them.
So use online dating to meet plenty of singles, have fun flirting and sooner or later you'll find your match (whether for forever, or right now)!