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Kingston-upon-Hull, or Hull, is no large metropolis, but if you include nearby towns and villages, there are a lot of people around. That means there are a lot of singles around. The only problem is that they won't all be at the same bar or pub at the same time. So your chances of meeting them all isn't all that great. Some you will meet, just not necessarily that many.
Online on the other hand, you can meet thousands of singles, whom you can chat with and find out if you want to meet up with in real life. It's not unlike the bar scene, but it's a lot easier to approach people, there are a lot more singles in one place and you can talk to people from the comfort of your own home. If you don't feel like heading to the bar one night, it's OK. You still have the ability to meet singles. It removes a lot of pressure from your social life as well.
In a bar you'd chat with someone anywhere from five minutes to two hours and then decide whether to swap number or not. The same applies online. You chat, you find out if you have things in common, and then either swap numbers, or set up a date. Just don't fall into the trap of chatting online for a long time before meeting.

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How to Approach Singles via Chat in Hull

If you want to approach someone on the chat on in Hull it's really straight forward. First of all, to see who is online, you have to choose to be available for chat. It's like Facebook - you turn on your chat. Then if you check out someone's profile, like it and see they're online you can shoot them a message.
The first chat message can be really simple "I loved your profile, care to chat with me for a bit? ;)" is perfect. If they say yes, ask them about things you found out about them in their profile. Flirt and have fun too! If it goes well, ask to meet them for a coffee, or a drink so you find out if there's real life chemistry, or swap numbers to give them a call.
If someone isn't online, it doesn't mean you can't chat to them. You can still send them private messages. In a PM tell them their profile sparked your interest, what you particularly liked (or what really caught your interest) and ask them a question or two. That way you get a conversation going. Standardized messages, or "Hello, how are you cutie?" just don't go down too well.
It's easy, so sign in to the chat room on and start flirting today!