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Meeting and chatting to singles used to be a bit random - you either bumped into singles you wanted to connect with in bars and such, or through friends, or you didn't. You couldn't exactly plan that you'd meet someone exciting any one night.
Then online dating came along and things changed. Today ca. 100 million people use online dating sites. And you don't have to go to a bar at the same time as someone, or have friends in common, to meet them. All you have to do is log in, search for singles in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and surrounding areas and start chatting with the ones who spark your interest. This gives you a lot more control over who you meet. It also opens up possibilities far beyond what your local pub or circle of friends might give you.
The single life should be fun. That's what everyone says, But to make it fun you have to meet fun singles. That's why we set up - so you could meet other flirtatious singles who are up for having some fun. As soon as you sign up you can start chatting to singles in your area.

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Chatting to Singles Online Is Similar to a Bar in Newcastle

When you meet someone at a bar, or party, in Newcastle you chat for a while to find out if you have things in common and if there's chemistry. If you find you like each other, you swap numbers and decide to meet up someday soon.
This is exactly the same online - you chat for a while to find out if there are some sparks flying, then you meet up. As you only see so much of a person's personality online, it's better to meet them sooner than later, or you will fill in the gaps yourself. This can lead to disappointment when you meet them in real life, even if they are great, because you will be disorientated. Therefore we always suggest two dates before you make up your mind, and keeping the first one short enough to leave room for doubt. A quick drink or coffee is perfect.
Chatting online can be a lot of fun, because there are so many people. When you sign into the chat room (similar to, say, Facebook chat), you can meet thousands of singles in one night. It's exciting. And a lot more convenient than a bar.