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Being single should be fun. You should, in theory, be meeting lots of other singles, flirt and have fun. In reality most of us don't really meet that many singles though. We hang out with the same friends, go to the same bars and bump into the same people in North Lanarkshire.
Dating sites like allow you to meet singles from other parts of town, or neighbouring towns and start chatting straight away. Suddenly you can meet people to date instantly.
Using the chat feature on you can see fellow singles in your area who are online. You can also messages singles who are offline, of course and chat with them more when you're both free. It's the perfect way of finding new singles
Chat rooms are great as they imitate a real life conversation, at the same time as you don't have to give out your phone number. Of course you will want to speak with someone sooner rather than later, but it's always nice to find out if you have online chemistry before you take it offline.
Once you've chatted for a while you will also know if you have things in common and it will help you come up with things to talk about for your first date. So join today and start flirting!

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One of the advantages with chat rooms, save meeting people you'd otherwise not meet, is that they aren't bars. Well, doh. What we mean is that it's not somewhere noisy filled with people who may, or may not, be a bit too drunk. You also don't have to get dressed up on a night you don't feel like it just to head out to try and meet singles. You can just sit at home, sip a glass of wine or water and chat with other singles. Also great on days when the bars aren't really all that happening, like Mondays.
With chat rooms you can even meet singles back home whilst overseas. Might seem counter intuitive, but a lot of people travel for work and don't have all that much time whilst at home. That time will be spent with existing friends and family, not necessarily on town clubbing. Scheduling a date that fits into their schedule is a lot easier.
Maybe the greatest advantage overall is simply the sheer amount of singles available to you in one place. It perks up your single life instantly! Suddenly there are thousands of possibilities for flirtatious fun!