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If you want to meet singles in Stockport you usually head to the bar, or other social gathering spots. The problem with such spots is that they often attract the same people and not everyone is single, or approachable. It's sort of hit or miss whom you will meet that night.
Online you have a lot more choice. Here you can meet singles from Stockport and surrounding areas all in one place. They don't even have to be online for you to start a conversation with them - you can just send them a message as opposed to chatting with them directly.
Online dating and using chat rooms on dating sites can be compared to an online bar where the party never stops. A party where you don't even have to leave your comfortable couch to be part of it…
Of course, the purpose with chatting with someone online is the same as chatting to someone at a bar too: you chat for long enough to find out if there's a reason to exchange numbers. If there is you arrange for a date in days to come. The whole purpose with online dating is to take it offline.

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The best way of approaching someone online? Send them a chat message or a PM. If they're online and available to chat, you will see that if you turn on your chat feature. Then it's simply a matter of sending them a chat message saying their profile caught your eye and you'd love to chat to find out more about them. Wink, wink.
If they're offline, shoot them a PM. Make sure it's a bit longer though - tell them what you liked about their profile, ask them a question about it and let them know you'd love to hear from them. That will show them you've put some effort into your message. Standardized PMs get very poor response rates, as do the "Hello, how are you?" messages. They show no personality and no real interest in the person you are sending them to.
Chatting to people online allows you to get a feel for who they are. One part of who they are. You have to meet up with them in Stockport to figure out if you like all parts of their personality. Don't let yourself get fooled by a first meeting either - when adjusting to their real life selves you might not be that attracted to them. Go on a second date to make sure your first impression was right as first impressions rarely last.