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We are a top-notch site that will help you meet singles in Poland, no matter where you live. On our website, we recognize and encourage you to express your true wants and desires. Among all online sites for singles in Poland, we stand out because our tools set you up to feel comfortable and assured in your match before any future face-to-face encounters.
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Single women expand your search for the most attractive and desirable men in your local area by using Flirt.

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Single men trying to find their soulmate will find charismatic and fascinating Polish women eager to meet like-minded men.

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It is possible to find your perfect match on our site. We have a pool of interesting and dynamic gays males interested in finding love.

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If you are a lesbian, you can connect easily with other women who can lift you up and want a meaningful companion in their life.

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There are many singles in your area waiting to find their perfect match as much as you are. And the easiest and most effective way to find them is by connecting through It is the perfect way to start dating near you. You will be surprised by how many different and exciting people you can find in Poland.

The Polish Site for Flirting Has Many Options for You

Many singles, who cannot find a match for a long-time, doubt regarding dating platforms. But we are sure that soon after registration, you will have a different opinion. And to dispel your doubts completely, below, you will find reviews from people who have already done this. userAny

It was never easy for me to meet men or flirt. But I still wanted to find my soulmate. When I discovered how easy it was to check the profiles on this platform, I became an enthusiast and spent many hours scrolling, trying to find my perfect match. And all the time I invested finally paid off when I met Douglas. I immediately felt a deep connection with him in the chat room, and it was obvious we would have to meet. Our first encounter was incredible and, today, after 3 months, we are stronger than ever. userWilliam

I signed up to the platform to meet new and interesting people. And the chat rooms were my biggest discovery. I can´t believe what a wonderful bunch of guys I met there. The more I met people, the more I wanted to keep chatting and talking to many of them. Suddenly, Christopher got all my attention, and when I saw his pictures, I could not resist asking him to meet. His passion for art and entertainment made me fall in love, and we have been together exclusively for about one year. userJulia

I set my first meeting after just two hours in the chat room. I thought it would be a one-night stand, but I was so wrong. From the very beginning, Jesy was crystal clear regarding her intentions, and that captivated me. We had a lovely dinner and talked all night long. I could not believe how many things we had in common. We are still together after 5 months and expect to continue that way for many years to come.


Collected below are the most pressing questions from newbie users. We save you time!
Does Flirt have a dating app?

You can access from your mobile or desktop, and you will always find the same high-quality features. You don´t need to occupy storage space or your phone with an extra app. This also avoids the risk of unwanted security breaches. Your privacy is very important to us.

Is a free dating service?

You can sign up for free to try out the platform. If you are serious regarding finding your perfect match, you can start a 3-day trial at a minimum cost. Women are granted free membership! However, lesbians have to pay a membership fee, but the ladies you will meet there will be totally worth it!

How to find a person to flirt with?

Fill out your profile and start chatting in the chat rooms. Don't be shy and ask questions. Show them the real "you" be open and enjoy the present moment.

How do I meet singles in my area?

Start by scrolling through all the profiles. Check out the singles near you, be brave, and contact them. When you find a person you are attracted to and ready to meet, ask them out.

Dating tips

Mastering the art of dating is easy if you follow these simple yet effective rules: Take some quality time to get to know the other person before asking to meet or accepting an invitation; Be fully open to new experiences; Be authentic and don´t lie; Dress nicely; Use proper language; Create a winning profile with nice photos.
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