Men in Their 30’s: What Do They Want in a Woman?

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Once men reach their 30’s it might seem like an overnight transformation occurs regarding the way in which they perceive women to be and what they want in a woman. This change is a bit of a phenomenon and leaves many scratching their heads but it is true, men look for different things in women than they would have when they were in their 20’s. They are at an age where they do have an idea of what they are looking for in a relationship while they can still have fun and explore if they want – that is the real beauty of being a man in your 30’s.

Many assume that men all want the same thing and in one way they do but when you look at men over the age of 30 they have some kind of idea about what they are looking for. There is no real secret to it but they have experience and an understanding of how dating and relationships work so they move their targets, their expectations and what satisfies them and give a real insight into the kind of things they look for.

It is common for men in their 30’s to look beyond the appearance of a woman. Now, it cannot be denied that men still consider the appearance to be a huge factor when it comes to finding the right woman but could it be that men are becoming more….sophisticated?

Men are now starting to look at the intelligence of a woman and her nurturing instincts. They want a woman who looks beyond herself and is considered to be a caring type who could become a very good mother to their children…when they have them. They also consider a woman who is mature from an emotional perspective but we cannot stray too far away from the fact that men still find physical attraction an important part of meeting the right person but over time they move away from that, spread their wings and look at other ways in which a woman can appeal to them. There is no doubting the fact that men change in their 30’s when it comes to their social lives. They no longer need to be out with friends every weekend and so, they start to look for a woman who could become a life partner.

However, what more do they look for in a woman?

They still want fun

Despite being older and apparently more mature, men still like to have a lot of fun in their 30’s. They look for women who have a sense of humour and can essentially put up with their less mature sides. Therefore, they want someone who is funny, wants to have fun and simply want to have a great laugh. When it comes to meeting new women, men want to meet women who can make them laugh because that makes getting to know each other a lot easier.

Honesty is also important

Despite looking for a woman who can make them laugh, men also consider honesty to be a big thing. In fact, it comes very close to the point above. Honesty makes men feel comfortable knowing that they consider their feelings and that does mean that they will always know where they stand with each other.

Family becomes important

While the words family and children were never on the vocabulary radar of men in their 20’s, they certainly become something that they seek when they are in their 30’s. Men realise that time is creeping up on them and age is no longer “just a number” and so, they want a woman who cares about her family and wants to start a family and have children. They were once words that scared men but now, they have no other choice than to embrace them.

They want a woman who is smart

As we have mentioned, men are no longer looking for just a pretty face but they want someone who is going to keep them on their toes and challenge them almost every day. They want engaging conversations with women who are not only able to hold a solid conversation but also have that confidence and intelligence that enhances their personality. That is the kind of woman a man in his 30’s would die for because that is exactly the kind of woman they want.

Stability is very important

Throughout their life, men change a lot, especially when it comes to what they want in a woman. Many men have lived a free life where the can do what they want when they want. Growing up, a man might have wanted a woman who could have fun, then they might have wanted a woman who had the looks and then they realised that they are in their 30’s and need stability from a woman.

Their taste in women changes and once they get beyond the experimental stage, where dating was aplenty, they need a woman to fill a number of roles such as wide, lover and mother. To put it straight, he is effectively fine-tuning his taste and there is nothing wrong with that at all. In their 30’s, despite fighting a mental struggle to overcome the urge to settle, they realise that they have to give in. They no longer want to date, they want a woman who they can set up a family with and a woman who can certainly bring their hectic, partying days back down to earth with a bump.

They need companionship

While men at this age still think that a frolic around in the hay is good, it is not necessarily what they want because they need something more. They want to feel cared for, almost mothered and that is what they want in a woman. Men at this age are more than likely going to have a stable job, earn good money and have a willing to share their success with someone. Therefore, companionship will give them someone they can turn to, someone who is always there when they need them and someone who is not just about taking from them. This does need some kind of compatibility and they like to feel like there is some element of comfort there because that also falls under the companionship requirements. Companionship requires both to click extremely well because men want women to take care of them, laugh at their jokes and return the same back to them.

A woman with plenty of energy

Just because a man is in his 30’s does not mean that he is slowing down or wants to spend his days watching time tick away. Oh no, the man in his 30’s still has lots of energy to expend and so, he wants to meet a woman who can keep up with his demands. This could be anything from enjoying socialising, going to concerts to keeping fit together. There is no need to think that life is over once you reach your 30’s and so, men are looking for women who can keep them feeling young forever more.

She has to communicate well

Men are known to be pretty bad at communicating and so, they want women who can speak to them in a clear and concise way that is simple to understand when it comes to her informing them of her needs. They don’t want to have to wade through feelings to understand what their message may be and so, he needs it direct. He simply wants to make her happy and if her communication can make that job easier then he will feel more confident.

Knowing what she wants makes the difference

Men in their 30’s are attracted to women who know what they want. They want to know instantly whether they can give her what she needs and that is crucial. If a woman is unsure about what she wants, it leaves far too many vagaries and that can lead to problems. Therefore, it is important that she is clear on what she wants and more importantly tells him what she wants.

She is a no-nonsense, hassle-free person

Nobody wants drama, especially those men over 30. They do not want a woman who causes a drama and looks to manipulate their feelings by creating problems out of nothing. They want a woman who is simple and comes without the risk of emotional outbursts which means he is looking for someone who is emotionally stable and happy with life.

Men in their 30’s know what they want

Men in their 30’s have had their fun. They have had the experience of meeting new people and having the freedom but now they are seeking something else. They want women to be smart, easy-going, fun and communicative because they are now beginning to look ahead at what they want their future to hold and in all honesty, there is nothing wrong with that.

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