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loveinyourinbox from Indianapolis

New? Need a woman to show you around? I’m a chatterbox, but my heart’s in the right place! Promise - @loveinyourinbox

happyhanna  from Indianapolis

Welcome! Looking for love like me? (female, 27, single - obviously!) The chat room is the best place to start - @happyhanna

magdainminneapolis from Indianapolis

Hey new guy! Welcome - are you from Minnesota too? I’m @magdainminneapolis - single, blonde female on a mission to find love ;)

lillylookingforlove  from Indianapolis

A local lesbian? Forgive me for being forward - but fancy a beer Friday night (with friends if you want) you’re gorgeous! - @lillylookingforlove

friendsaddict1988  from Indianapolis

I never know what to say to beautiful women like you, so I’ll just stick to welcome… and How You Doin’? - @friendsaddict1988

timinminnesota  from Indianapolis

Welcome newbie! (joking, I’m new too) so why are you here and what type of man are you looking for? - @timinminnesota

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