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foreversearching from Omaha

Is it forward for a single woman like me to contact a single man like you? Hope not! Cutie!

julietmaybe from Omaha

Romeo, Romeo why art thou Romeo looking for love online? you’re cute, welcome to flirt

damseldoingsomething  from Omaha

Welcome to flirt, what brings such a fine specimen to a dating website don’t worry I'm not complaining…

jazzyjess from Omaha

HELL-to-the-O. We don’t see guys like you around here often so forgive me for my “forward-ness” I’m

craig4579358 from Omaha

WOW. Now I’m that creepy guy, but I couldn’t let you know how amazing you look! Like, WOW!

applesadam  from Omaha

Ciao Bella! Welcome to flirt what brings you here? Your photos are amazing just a single guy saying “hi”

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