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There was a time when leading a fun single life (or not) was much decided by random factors - whether your social circle knew enough singles to introduce you to, or the right singles happened to come to your local pub in Nottingham. In smaller cities it was in particular a bit difficult to have a great time being single, as there were only so many singles around!
Today, thanks to online dating sites, you can meet and chat with any single in your town and surrounding areas. The randomness has been taken away to some extent.
To meet and start chatting to singles online is simply a lot easier. Chat rooms have become a replacement for bars when it comes to meeting singles. Bars are great for socializing and of course you might meet singles there, but that should be a bonus, not a must as it will ruin your evening if expectations aren't met. Having a social life is important (and will make you a lot more attractive to other singles), but it shouldn't be dictated by your need to meet singles.
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Approaching Singles to Chat with in Nottingham

There are some unwritten rules for approaching singles online, whether through direct messages or through chat.
One of the main things to bear in mind when first sending someone a chat message/private message is that you want to show them that you've taken the time to read their profile. You aren't desperately contacting anyone, but rather people whom you truly like.
You show this by telling them their profile caught your eye and you'd love to chat with them. If you send them a private message then tell them what you liked about their profile and ask them a question about it. It will get the conversation started.
If you are starting a chat with someone in a chat room the first message doesn't have to be very eloquent. Just tell them you like their profile and would love to chat with them. Wink, wink. Then during the chat, ask questions that allude to their profile, as well as doing the regular flirting, playing and teasing. And let the flirting build up - don't go full out to start. Let tension build instead. It makes it a lot more exciting.
If it goes well, set up a meeting where you have a drink or a coffee in Nottingham.