How to Meet Singles on

What is the Activity Page?

This page stores all activity on your profile. Here you can see incoming likes, adding to favs, profile views, and more. The Activity Page helps monitor your popularity among members.

How can I add members to Favorites?

To add any member to your Favorites, go to their profile and press the ‘Add to Favorites’ button. You can view all your favorite profiles in the ‘My Favorites’ section in your profile. If you wish to remove any of the members from your favorites list, press the ‘Remove’ button.

How can I send a Flirtcast?

If you want to send a Flirtcast, go to the ‘Search’ page and find the corresponding Flirtcasts block. Press the refresh icon to view more options. As soon as you are satisfied with the text, press the ‘Send Now’ button and your Flirtcast messages will be delivered. Please make sure you have uploaded your avatar photo beforehand. Only members with photos are allowed to send Flirtcasts.

How do I like other members?

To like another member, all you need to do is press the ‘Like’ button on the member’s profile in search results or on the full member’s profile.

You can also like other members in the ‘Like Gallery’ section of the site. This shows you a list of members based on your last search request. Here you may also see all members you liked, who liked you, and view your mutual likes.

Incoming likes are visible in your profile as well. Go to the ‘Activity’ page and check likes in the corresponding section.

How can I block a member on the site?

There are 2 ways of blocking site members.

  1. While viewing their profiles. Press the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the profile and press ‘Block’ from the pop-down menu.
  2. In your messages. Open chat with the member and press the three vertical dots in the top right corner. After that, press ‘Block.’

Blocked members will not be able to message you. You will preserve access to previous messages but new incoming texts will not be shown to you. If you wish to resume communication, press the ‘Unblock’ button. You can view all blocked members in the ‘Blocked and reported members’ page. Press your avatar in the top right corner and choose ‘My Settings’ from the pop-down menu. Scroll down and find the ‘Blocked and reported members’ section.