Billing Queries

What membership plans do you have?

Our members can opt for either Free Membership or Full Membership. All effective prices are stated on your Payment Page.

What is the difference between Full and Free Membership?

With Free Membership you can create a profile, search for matches using search filters, like members in the Like Gallery, and add interesting profiles to your favorites list.

Full Membership lets you use the full range of site benefits: unlimited communication in chat, photo and video exchange, unblurred profile information of all members, and members’ full-sized photos.

What are Extra Features?

There is an option to get more from your account in addition to Full Membership. Users with a subscription can get extra features to make their accounts stand out. To reveal these features, press the ‘Get Extra’ button at the top of any page and choose your package from those presented.

How often can I use a 3-day trial membership?

This option is meant to introduce the full site functionality to you. That is why you can subscribe to the 3-day trial membership only once.

How can I upgrade my account?

To pay for Full Membership, press ‘Upgrade Now’ at the top of any page. You will land on the Payment Page where you can go through a detailed description of Full Membership and the available special offers. Enter your payment details in the prompts to get upgraded. Otherwise, call our payment hotline. To get the number for our payment hotline, sign up for the site and find it in the Help Section.

Which payment methods can I use? provides every member with a secure payment. We accept most types of debit and credit cards. All methods of payment, including alternative options, are listed on your Payment Page.

Are credit card payments secure?

We take the security of our members very seriously. No debit or credit card details are stored on our servers. As soon as your payment goes through, your Full Membership is activated and you can use the site without any limits.

Why was my credit card declined?

Your card issuer may decline the transaction for several reasons:

  • Not enough money on your card.
  • Incorrect card details.
  • The CVV/ CVV2 number is invalid.
  • The billing address mismatches the address on your card statement.

I upgraded but my account has not been activated. What should I do?

If your account has not been activated after purchasing subscription, please contact our Support Center.

I bought the wrong package. What should I do?

All the information about membership packages and prices is provided on the Payment Page. You choose a suitable package. From our side we cannot alter your package, as stated in our Terms of Use. When the current membership plan ends, you can change it.

How can I renew my membership?

Our site conducts a repeat billing policy. Once your initial membership plan has expired it will be automatically prolongated. This system lets you interact on the site without any interruption. If you do not want your membership to be automatically renewed, cancel billing before the collection date.