Photos in My Profile

How can I add photos?

To add a photo to your profile, simply press your avatar in the top right corner and choose 'My Profile' from the pop-down menu. Then press plus in the 'My Photos' field. Press the 'Upload Photos' button and choose any photo of you from your computer. Please make sure the format of your photo is JPEG, JPG, or PNG and the size limit is 12 MB. It should also be no less than 480x480 px. Instant webcam photo is available as well. Press the 'Webcam Photo' button, take a photo, and upload to your profile.

How many photos can I add?

You are free to add as many photos as you wish.

Why was my photo declined?

If you upload a photo that falls into one or several categories listed below, our approval team will decline it:

  1. Group photos (please don’t include your friends, children or family in your photo)
  2. Photos containing personal information (links, phone numbers, home addresses, etc.)
  3. Photos with weapons, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.
  4. Photos depicting violence, death or inappropriate gestures.
  5. Photos of celebrities and models.
  6. Photos of nature, animals or drawings that don't show you.

We want to make sure every photo that our users see is genuine and legit. This creates a trusting atmosphere and a safe space for everyone.

Why I can’t upload a photo?

Several problems may occur during photo upload:

  • Upload inappropriate format or photo size. Remember, you can only upload images in JPEG, JPG, or PNG formats. Size limits areno less than 480x480 px and no bigger than 12 MB.
  • Internet browser issue. Check your internet connection and update your browser to the latest version. If this doesn’t help, switch to another browser.

How can I delete my photo?

To delete your photo, click on your avatar in the upper-corner of the page and choose ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down menu. Press the ‘My Photos’ button, choose the photo you’d like to delete, and press the cross to complete. Otherwise you can press ‘More Options’ in the upper-right corner on any of your photos and press ‘Delete Photo.’